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Join the companies beginning their digital transformation

Join the companies beginning their digital transformation, and start moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud. Enhance collaboration within the enterprise ecosystem – employees, customers and suppliers – and lay the foundation for future developments.


Achieve “anytime, anywhere” mobile work

Achieve “anytime, anywhere” mobile work by bringing each team member the tools and files they have on their desktop computers also to their smartphones and tablets, effectively making the concept of the physical office obsolete. This is achieved by eliminating all physical servers on company premises and embracing the cloud.


Manage your business by choosing the modules of Dynamics 365
Manage your business by choosing the modules of Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based corporate platform, that best suit your needs: Sales, Operations, Field Service, Finance or Talent.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence to extract value from data

Extract value from big data by using KPIs and dashboards and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help your organization make the best decisions in any business scenario.


How will Logol implement your digital transformation program?


Logol provides clients upfront with a clear overview of time, costs and goals of the transformation plan to be undertaken. For example, a Start plan for a company or unit of 50-100 people takes 6 weeks to implement from start to finish. Week 1 is dedicated to the technology assessment, with an intervention plan being shared, refined and approved during week 2. Week 3 is dedicated to preparing users for the change, which takes place in week 4, the heart of the transformation process. In Week 5, users must take control of their new environment and are adequately supported to achieve full proficiency, while, with the transformation now fully operational, week 6 is allocated to making any final adjustments or improvements to the system.


As your digital transformation partner, we’ll provide you with a proper explanation of all its aspects: what it means, what it costs and what it entails in terms of time and effort on your part. Logol is committed to offering you transparent pricing per objective achieved, sharing a detailed roadmap and recommended timeline of the project upfront. We immediately clarify the client-specific effort needed to embrace digital transformation, illustrating the expected outcome. With Logol, you understand and evaluate beforehand what your digital transformation project costs and what it brings to your organization, clearly and confidently.

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